Chester Christmas Market has hidden the treasure!

Posted on November 16, 2023

People and warmly lit stalls at Chester Christmas Market outside the Town Hall

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Bah humbug! That pesky festive market returns to the city, and once again it’s trying to scupper our adventurous treasure hunters!

From Friday 17 November to Thursday 21 December 23 the front of the Town Hall will be overflowing with mulled wine, sizzling with “German” sausages and twinkling with tinsel.

Since the game starts and ends right where the market is running, you’d be forgiven for having a little trouble finding those clues!

Fear not, the rest of the game is working and just as fun as ever. If a little chilly.

If a Bavarian Beer Barrel’s covering a clue and you just can’t get to the bottom of it, just type HINT three times and Bess will reveal the answer.

If you play and your game’s ruined, reply to the booking email we sent you and we’ll give you a full refund, as we always guarantee.

It’s Christmas?!

Talking of Christmas, got any know-it-all friends in your life? How about challenging them with the gift of a treasure hunt?

No matter where they live, they can’t escape. We’re in all the best cities in the UK.

“We loved puzzling out the clues and each one of us was able to contribute something to solve the puzzles. This activity was a great way to explore the city and we spent four hours on the treasure hunt, with leisurely stops for lunch, coffee and ice cream.”

—Jill H, Tripadvisor

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